Vision & Wisdom  |  In Code

Whether you need software developers, have an app that needs creating, or even a business idea with technology at its centre, then you've just found the right people.

At Elder, we take pride in doing things right, with purpose and vision... and never settling on the easy option.

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This is our engine room. Our developers drive all we do, and if you need them, this is where they are. Ready.

Working on projects big and small, assigned to you as individuals or entire teams, we project manage every aspect of work through our studio to ensure everything is done right.

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Got a great idea, but not sure how to get it off the ground? We do.

At E.Incubator we thrive on ideas and love bringing them to life. So if you've got a vision that has code at the core, we'd love to make it happen. We can also help with venture capital and arrange legal advice too.

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Need a solution fast? Think there might be something out there already? You may just have found it.

At E.Software we resell a diverse suite of software products and solutions that are packaged ready to go - we may just have something in the back!

That's Enough About Us...

Who are you?

COO. CEO. CFO? IT Director, HR Manager, Genius, Visionary? Entrepreneur?

Before we can offer you our advice, we really need to know a little more about you. And your business. We wouldn't dream of forwarding our ideas until we've got our head around the problem.

So whether it's a CRM issue, IOT challenge, new dating app idea or you're looking to come and work with us - it all starts with a conversation.