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Apprentice Software Development, what’s it all about?

Choosing which path to take after school or college is a big step so we asked Luke, our first apprentice what he thinks of his apprenticeship at Elder Studios, why he chose to do it and what he has been learning so far.


Why did you decide to do an apprenticeship in software development?

Even at school I always preferred the idea of doing an apprenticeship as opposed to going to university. The world is changing, fast and nowadays experience in the industry means so much more than just a qualification. I love coding and I’m constantly thinking up ideas and projects to develop, the idea of making something that makes life easier for people worldwide really appeals to me and I knew early on that I wanted to work in the development industry. After all what is better that being paid to do something you love?! I figured doing an apprenticeship and being able to sit with ¬†extremely talented people would benefit me and improve my knowledge greatly, helping me on my way to my dream job.

Based on you first couple of months as an apprentice software developer, how have you found it?

I love it. The team at Elder are so nice and really keen to help me and teach me new things. It’s quite different to the school and college environment I’ve come from. I work in a really laid back environment and I’m surrounded by positive, intelligent people, learning what matters and being paid for it! The extras you get here such as free pizza, free breakfast and free drinks are just extras, the job would be perfect without them.

What kind of skills are you learning and at what speed?

Shortly put, I never knew it was possible to learn so much in such a short space of time. When I started here I did have a bit of programming knowledge but because at college you focus more on the theory side of computing (hardware etc.) my programming skills were minimal and were all self taught. The main programming language I have been learning since starting my apprenticeship is Python. When I was first introduced to it I struggled writing basic ‘if’ statements and functions, now here I am only two months down the line writing a program that takes details of a companies employees, validates the data and then puts it all into a database (which by the way I also coded) and if any data needs changing later down the line you can change the data with ease.

What are your hopes for the future once finishing your apprenticeship?

By the time I have finished my apprenticeship at Elder Studios I hope to be a very confident and reliable software developer. I hope to have proved myself enough to land a full time job here at Elder, I really enjoy working here and would struggle to find a better company to work for.

Would you recommend an apprenticeship to your peers?

I would recommend any apprenticeship to anyone, but if any of my friends were interested in programming like me, then I would definitely recommend Elder Studios as the place to be. Many think that apprenticeships are old hat but I believe apprenticeships are the way of the future. Statistics show that a good apprentice will earn more in their lifetime than a graduate, so there isn’t really any good reason not to do one.