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Web Domain, Sir? Certainly. Which one?

Yesterday I was talking to some folks who were starting their own business. They were going to sell “niche” food and drink products from local producers. Just the sort of thing that goes well in these parts. Nice.

They planned a big on-line presence. They had a few ideas for the name of their business. Now, they’d talked to me before and had followed my advice to look into available domains, Twitter usernames, and the like before picking the final name from their short-list. This they had done, they said, but what about “the bit after the name”? “There are so many”, they added. They meant, I guessed, the TLD.

Not so long ago, I would have told them to register the, the , (it’s cheap), the .com if they felt like it, and maybe the .eu if there was an offer on. .co was sometimes useful. It was now clear that something had changed, and I might have missed the extent of it.

Good ol’ Wikipedia led me quickly to the list of TLDs. Golly.

As a geek, I like the idea of .foo, and .bar but I’m disappointed in no .fubar. .plumbing and .cleaning are a bit specific. .xxx is not really appropriate.

Then I looked around. Is anyone actually using these new TLDs? They’re pricey in all the usual places I shop. I wonder if they’ll take off, and what new ones might be added. We’ll see.

My advice? I told them to register, .com and .eu if there was an offer on …

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