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Useful IT Phrases

It amazed us that some people didn’t know what we were talking about when we used these simple everyday phrases.

TITSUP – Used when some vital service is found to be badly broken.

  •  1. Example: “Holmes! Our Internet provider appears to be in a TITSUP situation.”
  • 2. Literally: Total Inability To Support Usual Performance
  • 3. Sample Usage

“Around the Leaf” – Used when an unexpected obstacle is encountered, and a plan needs to be changed.”

  • Example: “That approach failed; we will have to go around the leaf.”
  • Sample Usage

PEBCAK – Used when it is suspected that the issue with a software system may reside in the way in which the system is being used, rather than in the software itself.

  • Example: “That screen looks good to me, Watson. I suspect PEBCAK.”
  • Literally: Problem Exists Between Chair and Keyboard
  • See also: PICNIC (Problem in Chair not in Computer)

This is a series that will obviously need expansion.

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