At the Vet's

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UX / UI Design Problem
Let's Get Designing

The aim of this exercise is simply to demonstrate the way that you approach a problem and to give you the chance to show off your design skills.

Problem Description
Booking Appointments

The local vets practice arenot happy with their current system and find the appointment booking confusing as it is difficult to see who is working on what and when.

Vets and animal dietitians (Surgery staff) as well as receptionists work at the practice.They have asked you to draw them a basic design / sketch of how you would design the screen or screens for booking and viewing the appointments diary / calendar.

User Requirements

The practice has provided the following requirements:

  • Receptionists need to see an overview of who has appointments and when.
  • Surgery staff need to see their workload and mark a pet as in surgery or not.
  • Everyone needs to see which staff are working.
  • Show details of each appointment and type e.g. Check up, Neutering etc.
  • Show the above information for today (10 minute slots) and the week ahead (less detail needed)
  • Easily create a new appointment or move / cancel an appointment.
  • Should see when a pet has arrived at the practice or is with surgery staff and also if the pet doesn’t show up or the appointment is cancelled.

In addition, there are some constraints that may affect the system design:

  • Staff may be available or may not be available for some or all of a day or the week (due to being in surgery, annual leave or training for example).
  • There can be up to 5 surgery staff and receptionists working at any one time in the practice.
  • A pet may see a dietician and a vet, one after the other.
  • The vets is closed Wednesday afternoon.
  • This is not a branding exercise, more a high level overview of your ideas.
  • The description is deliberately a little vague; don’t worry about guessing exactly what we mean or the correct wording or terminology.
  • Feel free to use whatever tools you want, software or pencil and paper – we are more interested in the ideas and than the tech you use.
  • Don’t be tempted to spend too long on it (a few hours max), and have fun with this exercise. There are no incorrect ideas, only solutions to a problem in as much or as little detail as you think is appropriate.
  • Remember we are interested in how you approach a problem like this and the reasons for your proposed solution; there are no right and wrong answers.
When It's Done

Get together evidence of your UX / UI design process.

The deliverables can be a drawing or drawings on paper (or scan / photograph of drawings), a URL to a wireframe or prototype or any other suitable medium you see fit and there could be one or more pages (if you can meet the requirements in one page that’s fine or if you think it needs another then no problem either).

Include any narrative or descriptions of the process, brief, reasons, features or benefits you think is appropriate

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