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Responsive Chrome 38

Google have recently released version 38 of the Chrome browser. These updates come along quite frequently, but this one does contain a more than usually interesting feature.

Chrome 38 is the first browser to support the new <picture> HTML element. This element is an elegant solution to one of the problems of responsive design. The idea is quite simple – a developer can specify different images to be displayed depending on the screen size of the target device. So, a phone gets a smaller version of an image than a desktop would, or (and this is really neat) it could get a completely different image. This can be coded right in the HTML, and removes the need to send multiple versions of a file to a client. The result is neatness and also saved bandwidth.

Firefox and Internet Explorer are expected to implement the new element soon.

The full details of Chrome 38 describe what else lies therein, and there’s also an interesting blog on how new elements find their way into the HTML spec.