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Recruitment Insight: Tackling the Scrabble Club

We receive several attempts at our Scrabble Club test for developers every week. We check through these, and respond with hints and tips (give us a week). If you’re thinking of having a go, here are the most common hints (and indeed tips) that we hand out.

  • We work with MVC frameworks, and it is helpful if your solution makes use of such a framework.  It is helpful to the point that we will usually return a non-MVC solution and ask you to redevelop it with a framework.
  • We do not much care which MVC framework you use, but we have recommended:
  • We are recruiting for good developers. We recognise that you might not have experience using one of these frameworks, but we would expect you to be able to pick it up quite quickly. A good developer should be able to pick up a framework over a weekend, and then complete the test in a couple of hours.
  • We will look at your code. We will look at it closely. Make it easy for us to understand your code. We care about comments, identifiers, indentation and the like. You need to show us that you care too.
  • Send your application with enough test data to allow us to test it, and to convince us that you have tested it. The Leaderboard should have ten players on it, and they should have played a reasonable number of games. If you want to, you could bash together some quick code to populate your database, and send us that too.
  • Where you have a choice, use a database like SQLite so that we can get your code running quickly. If you have to use MySQL or similar,  be sure to send us notes of passwords and so on.
  • We will test your solution on Linux. If possible, make sure that your code works on Linux. (Usually this is simply a case of paying attention to CaSe of Identfiers  and DataBase Table Names).
  • Above all, send us some instructions with your solution. Tell us how to set it up and make it run. We will do our best to figure things out, but there are limits!

And don’t be shy about getting in touch for advice or encouragement.

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