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Placement Students! Find Us!

Coming to see us about a placement? This is how to find us.

If You’re from Huddersfield

We’re in the Media Centre on Northumberland Street. You want the corner with Lord Street, near the Markets. We’re on top of Cafe Ollo. It’s 10 minutes gentle walk from the University.

If You’re from Leeds or Manchester (or parts in between or beyond)

Get to Huddersfield Station. Trains from both Leeds and Manchester are plentiful.

Leave the main entrance of the station, cross the square with the fountains (go careful, they come on when you least expect it), bearing slightly to the left, past the statue of Harold Wilson. Cross John William Street, heading to the left of the building with the big lion on top (really). Head down Northumberland Street. We’re in the Media Centre, about 200 yards down here on the left. It’s five minutes from the station.

If ¬†You’re from Sheffield

Ok, your trains are not so frequent, but get one to Huddersfield and follow the directions above.

If you’re from London or the South

To get to Huddersfield you need the train to Leeds, Wakefield or Manchester, and then the train that runs between the two (Huddersfield is slightly closer to Leeds). It doesn’t make much difference. It probably depends on whether you prefer Euston or Kings Cross.

If you are driving

Students don’t have cars, do they? Seriously, take the train. It’s quicker and easier.

If you need a map

Here you go.