Our Products

Our current product offering focuses on eCommerce and multi-channel retailing. We currently offer two core elements in this product suite.

ES Retail

ES-Retail (ESR) offers a web-based multi-channel stock and order management system allowing product retail via third party marketplaces such as Amazon, Ebay, Play.com and Rangespan as well as listing on your own webstores. ESR has focused on meeting the needs of existing experienced e-retailing clients which has produced a system focused on the real needs of modern sellers without the noise and distraction of a “does everything but nobody can use it” collection of functionality. We are actively driving this product forward in many areas, a number of which are currently overlooked by many multi-channel systems, including a close focus on marketplace margin management.


Reseller Webstores

Reseller Webstores offer an easily generated extension to ES-Retail allowing you to broaden your sales channels by allowing selected resellers to brand a webstore containing your products, without losing control of key factors such as minimum retail price and product description.

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