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Kata: The Typewriter

It is a well known and often repeated fact that the longest word that can be typed using only the top row of a standard QWERTY keyboard is “Typewriter”. But is this well known fact actually true? It is undoubtedly true that “Typewriter” can be written using only the keys on the top row, but is there another, less obvious word that can be made? We will see ..


Write a program that finds the longest word that can be typed using on the letters on the top row of the keyboard. Use any dictionary file you like, but one that does not include proper names would be best.

Obviously, if it turns out that there is more than one word of that length the program should report them all.

For interest, repeat the exercise for the middle and (worryingly vowel-free) bottom rows. This final case means that the program might (just might) have to cope with the possibility that no words can be made.

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