Developer Exercise

Coding Problem

The aim of this exercise is simply to demonstrate the way that you approach a problem and the general style of your
coding. The problem should not not take more than one or two hours.

Problem Description

A Scrabble club requires a system to store members’ information and provide leaderboards to show their top performing players.
For members we would want to store information such as the date they joined the club and their contact details. All recorded
scrabble games are head to head matches between 2 players, the player with the highest score at the end of the game wins

You should provide, in order of priority

  • Database schema definition (create table statements) for your solution
  • A member’s profile screen showing their
    • number of wins
    • number of losses
    • their average score
    • their highest score, when and where it was scored, and against whom
  • Interfaces (preferably browser based) to create and edit members’ details, such as name, contact number etc.
  • A leaderboard screen to list the members with the top 10 average scores, for those members who have played at least 10 matches.

There is no need for the candidate to produce interfaces to manipulate all the data in the database and adding test data manually is fine.
There is no requirement for users to login or be authenticated.


  • The description is deliberately a little vague, don’t worry about guessing exactly what we mean.
  • Feel free to use any frameworks or libraries you wish to help with your solution. There are no extra points for re-inventing wheels.
  • If you don’t have a system available to develop/test on don’t worry. We aren’t too worried about syntax errors that the toolchain would have told you about the first time you tested it.
  • Elder Studios delivers solutions through MVC frameworks, it would help if you did the same.
  • Don’t be tempted to spend too long on it, and enjoy your time on this development. If you don’t enjoy this kind of task, you won’t enjoy your days with us.