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We’ve been interviewing recently, and we’ve been reading a lot of CVs. If you want to try for a placement with us, we’d like a CV. Here are some handy tips if you’re planning to send us a CV. From our experience this week, we offer our top tips for CVs:

  • We know it is a CV, so there is no need to write that at the top. (To see how absurd this is, ponder whether you write “An Essay” at the top of every essay.) Your name is a good thing to put there. Above all, if you must put “Curriculum Vitae” at the top, spell it right.
  • Make sure everything is spelt correctly. Get it checked by someone you trust. Really, this matters.
  • Check that email address. You might well be proud of your “” or “” address, but think about what that conveys to a potential employer.
  • Use the space. Two sides of an A4 sheet is about right. Use it all.
  • Target the CV. It is rarely a good idea to send the same CV to every possible employer. We are not interested in the same things as Domino’s. Find out about the company you’re applying to, and think about what they’re interested in. If in doubt, contact them and ask.
  • Spell it right.
  • We are interested in you. Tell us about you. We’re interested in what you like doing. But we can probably guess that you like hanging out with your friends, so don’t dwell on that.
  • Try to make the CV look professional. Avoid at all costs using a Microsoft Word template.
  • Take advice from as many people as you can, but if applying to us, you have all the advice you need.
  • Did we mention “Spell it right”?

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