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I’ve sometimes mused on the difficulties of teaching new students the mysteries of HTML. They seem to struggle with the connection between the HTML code and what they see in their browser, for one thing. They get frustrated at the time it takes to see results. ┬áThis is something that helps.

When I’m not explaining HTML I’m working in a room full of techies. I mentioned the above issues to a techie this morning and, quick as a flash, he said I should send them to something called JSFiddle. Another said this was wrong, and that Codepen was the place to go. I trust techies, so I went to have a look.

I realise the whole world (except me) knew about these, but they really are way cool. I can wring my HTML and CSS in my browser, click a button, and see the results. That’s neat.

Next week, my students get Codepen. Or JSFiddle. They can choose.

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