About the role

University isn’t for everyone and we provide apprenticeships as a fantastic alternative. Our apprenticeship scheme which only started last year with our first apprentice Luke is all about turning enthusiastic coders and bedroom hackers into coding masters.

Our approach to learning is very flexible, there are a number of different modules and topics to choose from but we will work with you to come up with the best learning plan that is individually tailored to you, what you are capable of and what areas of interest you have. Our current apprentice has even taken on modules that are offered at degree level.

You will be fully supported throughout your apprenticeship. Tony, our wonderful education and apprenticeship manager will be your main mentor for the duration of your learning. He will show you the ropes and get you working on projects you never thought possible within just a few weeks. There is plenty of opportunity to work with other members of the team too, the team at Elder Studios is very much a collaborative environment and everyone will be willing to help you.

Successful candidates will be able to manage their own workload and carry out self-taught learning. A natural talent in programming and software development is essential. We will look at your grades but we are much more interested in you being able to give us examples of any code you have written and how much you love to code.

As we are expanding rapidly, we will hope to extend your apprenticeship to a formal employment offer once you complete your studies. We aim to offer you a high quality learning experience that will not only help you progress and succeed but help us as a business create the skilled workforce we need going forward.

Staff Quote

“I love coding and have always wanted to work in the industry. An apprenticeship has offered me a hands on approach to learning that I knew I wouldn’t get from a university degree, I sit amongst talented people and benefit from their knowledge and experience.
I’ve only been here a few months but I love it, everyone is really keen to help me and teach me new things, I never knew it was possible to learn so much in such a short space of time. I’m surrounded by positive and intelligent people, learning what matters and being paid for doing what I love!”

Luke, Apprentice Software Developer

Application Process



To apply send your CV and covering letter telling us why you love coding to



Will be held at our office in Huddersfield. Relax we just want to get to know you.



An informal day of activities with our super teacher, Tony. You'll pick it up in no time.



We will be in touch within two weeks to inform you whether or not you have been successful.