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2nd Code Club a Great Success

Following on from our successful Code Club début a few months ago, the summer holidays was a perfect opportunity to run the club for a second time. Once again the club was at full capacity and children from 9-11 years old came from all over Huddersfield to take part in a week of coding with Scratch. We were pleased to see some familiar faces getting to grips with the more advanced Code Club projects, as well as newcomers who started off with the basics (and who will hopefully return for more next time!).

Coding is a key skill that every young person should have the opportunity to develop. It should stand alongside the traditional “Three Rs” as something everyone should learn, and we’re pleased to have done our little bit enthuse some new young coders. It was a great opportunity for some of our developers to leave their desks for a few hours and help the next generation on their way: “Seeing the creativity and hard work put in by the next generation of programmers was a very rewarding experience.”, said one.

We asked our members what they thought of Code Club and, generously, the Media Centre loaned them a camera. Here’s the video:

The club was organised by Elder Studios together with The Media Centre and is run under the Code Club network. We plan to run more, so stay posted for any details of upcoming Code Clubs at the Media Centre.