University Partnership

Elder Studios has entered into a partnership with the School of Computing and Engineering at the University of Huddersfield.  The partnership will see developers from Elder Studios presenting the School’s final year module in Advanced Web Programming.

Many of the students taking the module will be looking forward to careers in web development, and this arrangement will allow them to learn skills currently being used in the industry, from experienced developers who use them on a day to day basis.  They will learn about web frameworks from developers who work with these tools to create real solutions for our customers; they will learn source code control from developers to whom it is second nature; they will learn about server management from system administrators who daily manage systems that are relied on by multi-million pound businesses.

The course will cover development environments, methodologies, frameworks, and more to provide every student with the toolchest of skills that they need to succeed in their future careers. Students will be encouraged to find their own best way of working by configuring their own systems so that they can develop effectively and achieve their full potential.

Commenting on the arrangement, Chris Gillespie, one of the founders of Elder Studios said “We at Elder Studios are proud to be based in Huddersfield, and this is a fantastic opportunity for us to give something back to the town. We believe that our developers will be able to pass on their skills, and hopefully they will learn from experience too.”