Code Club Report


After a very exciting week with the Code Club members – Ben, Hayleigh, Luke, Leo, Ibrahim, Fatima, Alex, Jack, Leon, Oliver, Evie and Maisy, we finally have time to breathe and reflect on the event and how it went. I think it’s fair to say that both the children and the members of staff/volunteers benefited greatly from the experience and I feel that it is something that will stick with us all for a very long time.

The initial plan was to download some activities and projects from the Code Club website and have the kids work through the activities, allowing us to assist them if needed. The activities went great, we found that the children were very imaginative and creative which resulted in many actually creating projects much more impressive than the original design plans given. We had members making bands with ducks singing and others making flying, popping doughnuts as opposed to the original idea of popping balloons. It was good fun for both the Code Club members and the Code Club volunteers and we all had an incredible time working together and making some… wacky projects.


All the children there were very talented and picked up the principles of using Scratch at an astonishing pace. Some the children moved on to developing their own project ideas within just a few sessions. They had the opportunity to showcase these at the end of the week to the other code club members.

From what we saw, it is fair to say that these children are in for a great career if they continue to progress at the speed they are. It was great to see such passion in these young enthusiasts and I have no doubt they will excel tremendously in the years to come.

Well done to everyone who attended the event, both members and volunteers. It was an amazing experience and I honestly can not wait until the next one.