Creative Media Showcase

A long while ago I wrote about the joys of teaching some people PHP.  In brief, I had taken on the mission of helping some of the creative web design students at Leeds Beckett University with learning some PHP.  There were two ideas here; to give them enough PHP so they could add some basic interactivity to the sites they had designed, and to give them some insights so that they wouldn’t design sites that would make a PHP programmer panic.  As it turned out, as well as PHP we had a look at JQuery, tinkered with some JavaScript, and poked at all the other things that can make a well designed website interactive. We took their designs and added slideshows, dynamic menus and user logins with authentication. You get the idea. General eye candy and wizardry. It was all good fun. But it ended in January.

This week I received an email inviting me along to Leeds Beckett to their Digital Media Showcase, where I would be able to see what these folks had made for their final projects.  So off I went.

It was all rather impressive. As  might be expected, the designs were all top notch.  But the beauty was that, when you dissected them, they were all actually quite simple behind the scenes.  Effective websites can be created using simple frameworks (Skeleton, Bootstrap) with a hint of JavaScript, a dash of jQuery and just a little PHP.  What’s needed to achieve this is some imagination, and these students had this in spadefuls.

So a shout out goes (in totally random order) to:

Pleased to have had a small something to do with their success! We wish them well.